Our Philosophy

Mi Sento Bene means “ I feel good” in Italian. The name was selected because of our wish to inspire you to feel good about your life and the opportunity to give back to others. We believe in supporting people and causes that give back to the global community and are an environmentally and socially conscious company.

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Toasting with our wine

Sharing food and drink is one of life’s greatest joys. The modern refreshing flavor of Sento Bene makes every gathering special. Big or small celebrations Sento Bene Wine is a perfect way to celebrate your best days!

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Our Mission

We’re doing our part to promote a better, more interconnected world and other Sento Bene lovers are doing the same. Sento Bene wines remains active in the community and partners with organizations that are making a difference for their respective cause. Sento Spots are toast to their achievements.

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We believe that we are all connected, and what makes us feel good is being a part of your life and inspiring you to enjoy life to it’s fullest.