The Classic

Sento Bene Prosecco. Serve Chilled in a Prosecco Flute

The Refresher

1/2 Citrus Vodka, 1/4 Sento Bene Prosecco, 1/4 Lemonade, Muddle Mint Leaves and Lemon,  Serve in Cocktail glass Garnish with Lemon



1 bottle of Sento Bene Primitivo, 1 orange - Sliced into rounds, 20 Cranberries, ½ cup of brandy, ½ cup of sugar (or honey), ½ cup of apple cider, 8 whole cloves, 4 cinnomon sticks, 4 star anise

Combine orange, cranberries, sugar, brandy, cider and spices in a stainless steel pot, Bring to a boil and reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes, Blend in wine and reheat…but do not boil. Serve warm. Garnish with orange slice, cinnamon stick



2 bottles of Sento Bene Primitivo, 1 cup of Brandy, ¾ cup of triple sec, 1 cup of orange juice, ¾ cup of pomegranate juice, ¾ simple syrup, Apple slices, Orange slices, Blackberries, Pomegranate seeds

Blend all ingredients together, seal, and refrigerate overnight. Serve chilled or room
temperature. Garnish with an orange slice and cinnamon stick

Sento Spritz

2/3 Sento Bene Prosecco, 1/3 Campari, Splash of Soda, Served in a wine glass over ice and Garnished with an Orange

The International

Grand Marnier, Muddle Orange and Cherry, Splash of Sento Bene Prosecco, in a Cocktail Glass, Ice and Garnished with an Orange Slice


2 parts Sento Sauvignon, ½ part vodka, ½ part Elderflower cordial, Splash of soda Water, Splash of grapefruit juice, 2 sprig of mint leaf, Serve on ice, Garnish with grapefruit

Pom Delight

2/3 Sento Bene Prosecco, 1/3 Pomegranate Juice, Splash of Orange Juice, Served in a Prosecco Flute

The Jetsetter

1/4 Vanilla Vodka, 1/4 Peach Schnapps, 1/4 Peach Puree, 1/4 Sento Bene Prosecco, shake and strain, Martini Glass, Garnish with a Peach